6 Quick Color Grading Tips

Here goes my first listicle type posts and I’m trying not to feel awkward writing it by telling myself that these tips are actually acutely relevant. 1. Don’t Cross-Process Everything Most creatives consume lots of material in their respective field. […]

Is working for free worth more than we think?

Recently, while discussing my hopeless future as a film professional with my dad, he asked a question I found difficult to answer. “Why do so many media and design people work for free?” Why do we do it? Is it […]

Producing Film Using Lean Ideas?

Since Eric Ries’ influential book about applying Lean methodology to startups, countless people have written about different ways to implement Lean. I am working in an industry that is seeing a massive drop in production costs (in the form of […]

Analyse the Grade: House of Cards

PSA: Potential Spoiler Alert. Duh. House of Cards, the first original Netflix series and worldwide hit starring Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, L.A. Confidential) and Robin Wright (Forrest Gump) is a marvellous piece that pulls you into territory you thought was […]

Why DaVinci Resolve is the new Windows MovieMaker

Democratisation of technology has been happening and unless you’ve been living secluded by a pond in a hut of your own making, you have probably taken part in the change. Own a web server or DSLR? Are you a social […]