My name is Jannik C. Altgen, but you can call me Chris.

My mission here is to help create amazing visuals using efficient and effective digital cinema workflows from start to finish.

Can I be there for you all the way:

  • in preproduction, testing, chosing and tuning camera gear?
  • on set, to aid with exposure or execute safe media storage?
  • in the cozy darkness of the grading suite, finalizing it all?

Let’s create our next big thing, together.

Core Values

We work best when we communicate openly as equals, no politics, no schemes and plots. Meditation, yoga, reading and writing are routines that help me focus my life and work on what is truly important.

My Story in Bulletpoints

  • work as a camera assistant, DIT and colorist
  • two years cutting Youtube and TV shows
  • over ten years of computer programming experience
  • study and work in IT management
  • Win / Mac / Linux administration
  • network design and administration
  • leading positions in youth organisations