After spending five minutes in DaVinci Resolve in a uni tutorial, I was hooked. It is that simple. Since that day, I have have graded every project I could get my hands on and learned heaps. Most importantly, I found that there is more to the trade than having an eye for color and tweaking controls in a color suite. I want to continue my learning experience and share this journey with you, from one no-name film person to the next. Well, even if you've already got a spot in the industry, you're still free to stick around. In fact, please stick around and teach us, sensei.

IndieColorGrading.com will start out with one article every Monday. I will post on this site and over on Medium and be available on Twitter for a chat during the week. If you want to keep up to date, take your pick: get the RSS feed, subscribe on Twitter for updates or sign up for my monthly newsletter with the posts of the last four weeks. Yeah - just one email every four weeks! I know how annoying daily promotional mails are.

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I'm super excited to have this ebook finally ready to show it to the world. Huge thanks go to my good friend Dino Nolte who did the layout and design for me!

The ebook explores different topics around the core skills of color grading:

  • setting up a workspace
  • using the right codecs
  • improving workflows
  • and much more.
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