Hands On with the Mini / Micro Panel & URSA Mini Pro

Early in 2017 Blackmagicdesign had caused ripples in the indie film sector when they released a whole range of new products from grading panels to cameras and web streaming to live video production gear. In a recent article, I gave […]

Backup with Hedge – Happy World Backup Day!

This comes a day late for 2017’s World Backup Day. I’m not April-Fools-ing you. Yesterday was World Backup Day. In a totally planned move, I want to bring you a product review to match. Handling digital footage, like celluloid, requires […]

Blackmagicdesign Hits Home With Hot New Gear

Yesterday, one of the spearheads of democratization of video production, Blackmagicdesign from Australia, released a host of new products in their livestream on camera gear and Davinci Resolve. The hot stuff we’re talking about is two new grading panels, called […]

Amazing Footage Needs Smart Storage – A Status Quo 2016

In the realm of digital cinematography, a plethora of digital storage formats is available for recording camera masters. Sony’s SxS cards, CFast cards or RED’s RED Mini Mag are just some that come to mind. Beyond those rather common choices, […]

Stranger Things: Analyzing the Color

Looking at interesting color grades is a worthwhile exercise. This week, I dig in and do an analysis what Netflix have done with their new show “Stranger Things”. The show hit the stores (well, the Netflix library) on 15th June […]

I hate when DaVinci Resolve does this thing!

DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagicdesign is probably the piece of software I enjoy most as it enables my current journey blogging about color grading. It is a great piece of software and its freeware release changed the market for color grading […]

Insanely Useful DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts

Many a productivty article cites the use of keybindings as a major factor that increases productivity and, in my experience, this is true 100%. DaVinci Resolve is no exception to this rule: there are so many functions to control that […]

How To Abolish Your Darkest Doubts About Color Grading

If you are like me and keep asking yourself if your grades are tasteful, subtle and beautiful, you might know that there aren’t easy answers to these questions. You could say taste and beauty have nothing to do with an […]

The Stunning Beauty and Inspiration of Mountains

Color has immense power over feelings. Much more than being just a physical property of photons, the color of things around us can inspire awe, fear, love, comfort, unease and many more emotions. The process of color grading can tap […]

Be on top of your Colorgrading Block

Probably every writer in the history of mankind has experienced writer’s block: that persistent inability to produce meaningful text on command. It is a state of great dissatisfaction since it feels as though you’d lost your creativity and, to me, […]